Port and Terminal Conveying Solutions

The Most Rugged Telescoping Conveyor In The World

MASABA’s patented Magnum Telescoping Radial Stacking Conveyors and Drive Over Truck Unloaders provide maximum operational efficiency and minimizes labor on site.

Our patented drive over truck unloader comes with single and dual lane options. Eliminate double handling of material and easily load barges and vessels with MASABA’s portable material handling equipment.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy Duty Pulleys
  • Patented Drive System
  • Single or Dual Gearbox option with mechanical brakes
  • Brand Leading Components
  • Class II Drives
  • Various CEMA Class Idlers
  • 3 Ply Belting
  • Onboard Counterweight Standard
  • Heavy-Duty Tow Hitch
  • Quick Attach Side Mesh Guarding

Axle Configurations

Masaba’s Folding Axle (FA) allows for easy transition between operation and transport positions. Both axles can be hydraulically raised or lowered independently or at the same time, simplifying the leveling process.
FA axles are available in both 2 and 4-wheel drive models.

The Hydra Shift option simplifies the setup process and reduces maintenance time by removing the chain and sprockets. Hydra Shift allows the operator to engage and disengage the drive simply by flipping a lever on the hub.

The Swing Axle (SA) system provides the widest and most stable radial footprint in the industry. A Variable Speed wheel drive allows for even distribution of material in-pile for fully desegregated stockpiles. An optional 4-wheel drive system ensures positive traction in the field.

Masaba’s Magnum telescoping conveyor is equipped with the patented single or dual drive gearbox with mechanical breaks and provides constant engagement and smoother operation of the stinger, improving long term durability with minimal annual maintenance required.


Masaba Drive Over Truck Unloader

  1. Self cleaning hydraulic ramps
  2. Extended ramp option
  3. 20 HP electric auxiliary hydraulic pump
  4. NEMA 4 control panel
  5. Optional self-deploying ramps
  6. Heavy duty steel ramps to grade
  7. Hydraulically adjustable discharge height
  8. Class II dual drives
  9. Removable drive-over grizzly bars
  10. Optional Gen Set

48″ & 72″ Dual Lane Truck Unloaders available upon request.

All dimensions subject to change and may vary based on axle configurations, options, etc.


Truck Unloading

Radial Stackers

Bins, Hoppers and Feeders

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